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Online Dictionaries
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Word Reference Online Spanish/French Dictionary
I recommend this online dictionary for my students. Remember to read all entries, being careful to choose correctly for a noun, adjective, verb., and so one. Also: a huge feature of this site is found as you scroll down each page and look for special uses of the word entered. This is outstanding!
Real Academia Española : Spanish Royal Academy Dictionary
Real Academia Española: Las lenguas cambian de continuo, y lo hacen de modo especial en su componente léxico. Por ello los diccionarios nunca están terminados: son una obra viva que se esfuerza en reflejar la evolución registrando nuevas formas y atendiendo a las mutaciones de significado.
Reflexive verbs
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More details

No hago mas na'

Reflexive verbs game

Stem changing verbs slide show

Reflexive verbs slide show

Spanish kit grammar explanation

The practice slide show

Spanish Language Learning Sites
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Colby Web Site for Spanish Proficiency Exercises
I often ask my students to do practice work from this Web site. It is outstanding. There are grammar lessons which can be accessed via the SITE MAP. Also, the special units with songs, poetry, and practice are amazing!
BBC Spanish Language Learning Site
The BBC offers great audio, video, and written lessons in Spanish. Beginners can even sign up for the Spanish Steps program. Also, there are links from this page to learning other languages.
Learn Spanish Site
Explore this site for various dialects and Spanish language learning tools!
Spanish Grammar Notes
This site offers a variety of Spanish language notes, with a huge focus on vocabulary and grammar resources.
This is the companion site to our Avancemos textbook series. There are grammar video explanations, verb practice, vocabulary practice, quizzes, and Cultura Interactiva to offer great enrichment and extra practice.
This site offers very well-prepared free grammar and vocabulary tutorials, practices, quizzes, audio files, and more! There are lessons for every level, from beginning to advanced. Also, Podcasts and extra features make this site very comprehensive! You can also subscribe or join the site to get extra activities for each category.
This site offers a variety of updated, fun resources that will entertain you as well as help you practice and build your Spanish language skills. It also offers a great blog feature where you can share comments about songs, TV, learning, art, and general culture with other Spanish students. The "Clozeline" activities are fun for testing your listening comprehension of songs and the Podcasts and videos are really interesting. The Web site author is from Chapel Hill High School, so many of his students participate in the Blog.
Fun trivia and quizzes
How much do you know about the topics listed? Are you a fan of trivia, vocabulary, facts, and general Spanish learning? Try these quizzes and learn!
Textbook website
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Expresate website
Noticias en español: A variety of Spanish language news sites
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AOL news in Spanish
Another news source available in Spanish for building vocabulary, practicing grammar, and general comprehension skills.
Centro de noticias ONU
This is another page at the United Nations news site, but with written resources...totalmente imprescindibles para los estudiantes de AP.
ABC News in Spanish
ABC News from Spain and around the world in Spanish!
Online News in Spanish
Spanish language news is available through the Worldnews Network.
CNN en Español
Watch CNN news in Spanish!
BBC Mundo noticias en español (News in Spanish)
This is a site to use regularly for reading and listening to the news in Spanish! I use it for weekly homework for my AP classes.
Stem Changing verbs
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e to ie

o to ue

Hispanic Heritage
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Target Hispanic Heritage Page
Target does great service to the Hispanic community by posting this amazing page for National Hispanic Heritage Month. There is music, famous people, food, history, and much more information from this main page.
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matching flashcards


Word search

Flashcard practice

Direct Object Pronouns
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Fun Quia game