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What is the Common Core and how do I help my child?

It is my intention that the following resources may help answer those questions.

What can I do to help my child, when I don't remember Algebra?

Here are some tips and suggestions to work with and encourage your child:

  • Read the directions for the homework with your child.
  • Have your child read the homework questions out loud to you.  Multiple readings are strongly recommended.  Also, encourage your child to underline key words or phrases on the second or third reading.
  • Ask your child to explain what was covered in class daily.  It shows higher level learning if your child understood what was done in class well enough to explain it to others.  Additionally, it an excellent study strategy.
  • Create flash cards of important vocabulary with your child and help them study those words.
  • Create a homework/ study area in your child's room or in the house.  Having a quiet place to work and study with no distractions is very beneficial.

There's an app for that:

From Better Homes and Gardens, September 2013 (p230)

EVERNOTE:Never lose a file again: This note- taking app organizes documents based on class and date and instantly syncs to your computer. Free;

MY HOMEWORK: A lifesaver for the less-than-organized, My Homework creates a color-coded calendar of assignments. Free;

SELF-CONTROL:On deadline but can't stop checking Facebook?  Self- Control blocks accesss to specified websites for a set time. Free;

STUDY BLUE: Create flash cards on you phone in seconds using a combination of images, text, and voice recognition. Free;

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