My Links
1 Theses links are to Khan Academy videos.  I have selected several that relate to the material that students tended to miss on practice regents exams- these are not the only topics on the regents.
The videos are various lengths.  Additionally, they are generally shown without the use of the graphing calculator.  The calculator allows the work to be done more quickly but the work can be done long hand.
Khan Academy has lots of videos and is a great resource for reviewing for the Algebra Regents.


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Graphing Systems of Equations
Graphing Systems of Inequalities
Systems of Equations
This page as tons of links for solving systems of equations algebraically and graphically as well as solving inequalities and word problems.
Consecutive Integers
This is an example of the sum of consecutive odd integers. Remember integers are whole numbers that can be positive or negative- NO fractions! Consecutive means numbers in order, example: 3, 5, 7 are consecutive odd integers.
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Box Plots
This video will show you how to create a box plot. It does not use the graphing calculator to get the median or quartiles. It is very useful and it is not necessary to use the graphing calculator.