9th Grade

9th Grade is another transition year - from Junior High to High School.  Classes will now be for credit and prepare students for Regents Exams.  In order to graduate from high school with a Regents Diploma, students must earn 22 credits and pass a minimum of five Regents Exams (Algebra 1, *Living Environment (Biology), Global History, U.S. History and English (E.L.A.). Additional Regents Exams in Math & Science and completing 3 credits of Foreign Language are required for the Advanced Regents Diploma.

   *Students are required to successfully complete 30 Biology labs in order to be eligible to take the Regents Exam in June.  If a student does not complete these labs, he/she will fail the class and will not be eligible to take it in Summer School. The course will have to be repeated in 10th grade.

The High School Success class and the School Counselor will teach students how to set goals, become a better student and access career and college information.  One thing that students must do if they are not getting the grades they want/expect is STAY AFTER SCHOOL with those teachers for extra help!  

In High School Success classes, students will work on their Interactive 10 Year Plan.  Taking part in self reflection of their goals and values, plan a budget, complete a resume, get their working papers,  and fill out a job application. In addition, they will learn how to research different careers and colleges.

9th grade is the start of a student's high school career.  The grades and credits students earn will be on the high school transcripts that employers, colleges, and military recruiters will want to see.  Good attendance is also critical for students to be successful in their education. Attendance is also listed on a student's transcript.  Will you be "Career & College Ready?"

School Counselors help students achieve SUCCESS & HAPPINESS and overcome any OBSTACLES that get in the way.

"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!"

Have fun fishing!!!

Needing Letters of Recommendation?  
Can't remember everything you have been involved in?

This will be required to write letters of recommendations for you.  You should hand this to anyone you are asking to write on your behalf at least 2 Weeks before the deadline.  Click on the picture above to download the Dundee Brag Sheet.  This is a fillable form and can be saved and updated at any time.  It is NEVER to early to start this!

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  • Khan Academy
    Free website to help with almost any high school class! Videos and power points for thousands of lessons.


  • Career Zone
    Website created by the New York State Department of Labor. Students will create an account/username & password to use the many tools in this website. Students can take an online career interest survey, research careers/occupations that match their interests, build a student resume, etc.


  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
    Great website to research occupations by "Career Cluster" or alphabetically. Has all the information needed to complete Dream Career Essay.


  • O-NET Online Career Exploration Website
    Another great website to research & explore future careers and occupations.


  • Multiple Intelligence Survey
    Students read 56 statements and choose how each statement best describes themselves. Each student will have a score for the following eight (8) different learning styles (Multiple Intelligences): Language, Spatial, Logic/Math, Body Movement,Musical, Social, Self, and Nature.
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